So, Did Anyone Else Get An Unsolicited Email From iStation – On Their Personal Account?

Earlier today, many teachers in North Carolina received an email from Ossa Fisher, the President / COO of iStation through their personal email addresses.


It says,

In Case You Missed It: What Educators are Saying About Istation

 GREENSBORO, NC – This summer, North Carolina school districts started training with Istation, the new reading diagnostic tool for K-3 students throughout the state. Istation hosted a training session Monday (July 8) in Greensboro, and teachers had high praise for the program.

Educators lauded the program for its ease of use and array of benefits for both the teacher and student.

Below are just some of the thoughts from educators who are seeing the benefits of Istation.

“I feel excited to share with teachers how useful and efficient these tests will be to benefit teachers and students.” – Educator from Montgomery County Schools

“I love both of the reports that were shared today. The summary and priority report will help us provide better instruction for our students.” – Educator from Montgomery County Schools

“The program will allow more instructional time for teachers.” – Educator from Vance County Schools

“This will be another great tool to help us analyze individual student data in order to provide instruction to meet those needs.” – Educator from Montgomery County Schools

“I see a great deal of promise with the program that I didn’t initially – I see less room for teacher error and more transparency with many aspects of the assessment.” – Educator from Durham Public Schools

“Love the fact that readings are recorded and takes away the subjectivity from scoring.” – Educator from Durham Public Schools

Educators will continue training throughout the summer and into the fall, with the official assessment rollout starting next spring.

“We’re glad to see teachers are learning how Istation could be helpful for not just their students, but themselves,” said Ossa Fisher, Istation President and COO. “Istation was designed to make life easier for educators, and to help them do what they do best – teach.”

 For more information and program updates, visit or Istation NC’s Facebook or Twitter.


Who gave iStation the personal emails of teachers in this state to send this? DPI through Powerschool?

When has a vendor of a product ever had to sell themselves in an email to a group of people who already have to use the product because of a contract?

Why are the testimonials without names and look manufactured?

Why was this email sent in the first place?

Maybe all could be explained with one answer: FEAR.

Fear that iStation knows its contract came about in a surreptitious manner. Fear that so many questions have been asked by teachers, administrators, and superintendents around the state that have not been adequately answered. Fear that iStation may lose in the court of public opinion.

Oh, and you might want to see the this latest post from Justin Parmenter on Notes From the Chalkboard. His request for information about iStation’s selection process was fulfilled by DPI. It’s damning.