NC Has A Teacher Shortage and Our NCGA Enables Two Low-Performing On-Line Charters – So How In The Hell Did This Happen To The Only Virtual Public School In The State?

From today’s News & Observer:

Hundreds of teachers at the N.C. Virtual Public School are being temporarily laid off, costing those educators thousands of dollars and reducing the online options that will be provided to students across the state this fall.

Teachers who are working this summer at the Virtual Public School were notified Tuesday that they will not be allowed to work the fall semester to satisfy state laws for temporary employees. The late notice is causing those 220 teachers to scramble to find ways to replace the lost income and the school to figure out how to staff classes without those educators.

Remember that NC Virtual Public School is not the same as the two online charter virtual schools.

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220 teachers. 50,000 students use this service. It is state-run. It is the second largest of its kind in the nation.

The report goes on to show how Mark Johnson weighed in on this.

“The directive to take a semester-long break was determined by NCVPS with legal counsel from the State Board (of Education) office and the Office of State Human Resources,” State Superintendent Mark Johnson said in an email Thursday to the 220 laid-off teachers.

“While I believe those involved were attempting to find a good solution, I was unfortunately not consulted on this issue. I am now aware and have already reached out to the Governor’s office and the General Assembly to find a better solution.”

Not consulted? It is very hard to believe that the state superintendent who has been so outspoken in his support of the two virtual charter schools in this state that have performed so poorly would not have known about the troubles of the actual PUBLIC virtual school that services 50,000 students throughout the state.

This is what he said about the virtual charter schools last fall.

virtual charter 1

But the very public school who services those same students with a LOT more success is out of his vision? The single largest school as far as number of students is concerned was not on the radar of the very person who claims that technology is the key for our schools in the 21st century?

So, is the state superintendent going to go and fight for these teachers and students?

And if you need a little more information on NC Virtual Public School:

The North Carolina Virtual Public School is the nation’s second largest state-led virtual school with over 100,000 enrollments in SY 2018-2019. All 115 school districts and most charter schools have enrolled students in NCVPS courses. NCVPS offers over 150 different courses as a supplement to the local high school course catalog. We have six programs: Standard, Occupational Course of Study, Co-teaching, Flex Learning, English Language Learners, and Middle School courses. Our standard courses include honors, Advanced Placement, STEM, core courses, electives, CTE, test prep, health and physical education, and world languages. Certified North Carolina instructors teach all NCVPS courses and provide strategies for active student engagement through a variety of technology tools. Teachers are required to make personal contact with students and parents regularly to maximize the student-teacher relationship. Courses are free to students who enroll through their local North Carolina school. NCVPS is available to home school and private school students for a small fee.

Oh, and by the way, the NC Virtual Public School is under Mark Johnson’s control. Here is the organizational chart that he created last summer.


It’s in one of those silos that funnels straight through Johnson.