This Teacher’s “Amazon Wishlist” For The NCGA

The fact that many teachers in this state (and others) have set up Amazon Wishlists is a strong indication of the NCGA’s unwillingness to fully fund public schools.


When Mark Johnson announced last school year that he wanted to use ClassWallet to “allow” teachers to “control” their supply purchases and give a private company the power and money to track those purchases without local LEA oversight, he was met with great resistance from teachers and educational leaders.

He deserved it.

It didn’t solve the fact that teachers need fully funded schools and resources as well as the professional license to pursue what they know best would help their students without compromising what others need and what LEA’s must also provide.

Hence, teachers are using what is available to possibly procure those resources that will maximize the learning experience in their classrooms. Looking at some of these lists really gives people who do not teach an idea of what is needed in classrooms. It also gives people an idea of the level of funding that classrooms really have.

It literally is an incredible act of transparency, something truly needed in Raleigh.

It is hard to imagine any business needing to set up an “Amazon Wishlist” to help finance what is needed to function. But many teachers in North Carolina are forced to use this.

With that in mind here are six items from Amazon that maybe Raleigh could use to help public education this school year.

1. Spines.

Actually, you could buy some on Amazon. These spines could be used for those lawmakers who refuse to vote on a veto override that has been ignored for over 34 days and forces schools to operate on last year’s funding levels as prices rise and school populations grow.


2. Transparency

iPads and iStation. Would really like to know how those deals came about.

3. Glasses

There is a critical need to have lawmakers, most all of whom have no experience in education, to really “see” what is going on in our schools.


4. Large Round Tables

Large enough for bringing teachers into the conversations that affect public schools.

5. Calendars

Lawmakers need to know that schools need calendar flexibility.


6. Medical Handbook

To show that so many conditions and maladies that citizens in this state face could be remedied if lawmakers simply expended Medicaid.