Dear Sen.Berger & Rep. Moore, Keep My Part of the “Surplus” And Invest It In Our Schools

Phil Berger and Tim Moore may push through legislation that would divide up the state’s “surplus” from this past year and “send” it back to North Carolinians in the form of individual $125 checks in the name of “fiscal responsibility.”

The fact that there is such a huge surplus in this state’s budget while yet another round of large corporate tax cuts took hold this year is not really a sign of fiscal responsibility. It’s more of a sign of lack of investment in our state’s infrastructure, especially the public school system. Kris Nordstrom in his recent post “A modest proposal: Use the state surplus to help meet school construction needs” makes a strong case built on actual figures that this surplus should go to meeting school construction needs.


One in five students in the state’s public schools lives at or below the poverty line. We had hurricanes decimate many of our eastern municipalities last year. This state has refused to expand Medicaid when so much evidence points to its benefits without barely any cost to our state.

This teacher would gladly ask that my portion of the surplus that I helped to create be put back into the state’s public schools wherever it is needed most.

A $125 check in my pocket will in no way outweigh my desire for more investment in our public schools. I want to invest it in my state and its people.

So Sen. Berger and Rep. Moore, don’t waste the time and money to send me a “refund.” Put it where it should have gone in the first place – our public schools.

And stop this electioneering action when you don’t even have the guts to call a vote to override Cooper’s veto on the current budget.