Using The School Performance Grading System On The NCGA’s “Educational Reforms” – Looking At Virtual Charters, ISD, and Other Charters

If the NCGA wants to argue that the current school performance grading system is a just and fair way to assess school achievement and school effectiveness, then it might be worth looking at the schools under the guise of the education “reforms” that the same NCGA wants to tout as solutions.

There are two virtual charter schools that have not very well in the past, but were renewed by the state for another four years and championed by Mark Johnson.Here are their grades and growth by subset groups.



NC Virtual Academy:

1 – F
6 – D’s
2- C’s
5 – Not Met’s
1- Met

NC Cyber Academy:

4 – F’s
4 – D’s
1- B
6 – Not Met’s
0- Met

Here is the only school that is currently in the Innovative School District:


Southside Ashpole Elementary:
4 – F’s
Everything else is an “I” which stands for “Insufficient Data.”
1 – Not Met’s
2 – Met

Here is the data of charter schools versus traditional schools as far as growth is concerned (courtesy of Kris Nordstrom).


And speaking of charter schools – remember when the the Wall Street Journal printed an op-ed by Baker Mitchell, the founder of the Roger Bacon Academies four of  which are classified as “public” charter schools in North Carolina?

He lauded one of his schools for its student body composition: Douglass Academy. Here are it’s current ratings:


2 – D’s
7 – I’s
Negative Growth.