100 Days And Over 4 Million Dollars

Every day that the NCGA stays in session costs the state at least $42,000. That may be a conservative estimate as mileage and staffing could be altered to accommodate what is done in parts of the session.

It’s been over 100 days since Berger and Moore started stalemating budget compromise.

A full school year is usually 180 days.

100 days

Simple math puts the price tag to not negotiate at well over 4 million dollars.

Do you know how many teachers could have been funded? Reading specialists? Teacher assistants? Lunches for students who have a cafeteria debt? Bus repairs? Textbooks?

How many school nurses could have been hired around the state? Social workers?

How many school employees could have had their wages come up to at least 15$/hour?

iPads? (Just kidding – MJ seems to already have a special fund for that).

And to think that the same people who are keeping the NCGA in session to keep a budget from being passed are the same ones who pushed for a required personal finance class in our public high schools.