Don’t Think Mark Johnson Is Running For State Super

With the buzz that Rep. Craig Horn may enter the race for state superintendent, there has been more speculation as to whether Mark Johnson will run for reelection.

Today on, Alex Granados published a piece exploring who possibly will be running from the Republican Party.

Both Craig Horn and Catherine Truitt have stated they would be willing to run for the office if Mark Johnson decided not to.  Yet, Johnson has not showed his cards. He has less than two months to officially declare. And his noncommittal attitude actually speaks volumes.

Granados reports,

“Mark Johnson will be a candidate for public office in 2020 and we will make a more specific announcement about that at an appropriate time,” Jonathan Felts, spokesman for Mark Johnson, said in an email. “A number of potential candidates have contacted both of us expressing interest in the Superintendent’s seat if Mark Johnson does not seek reelection and I feel confident there will be a strong Republican nominee for Superintendent whether it is Mark Johnson or someone else.”

Who the hell says this? Someone who is not running for state superintendent.

The man who so “boldly gave” us the #NC2030 initiative and it’s eleven year wingspan won’t tell us in #NC2019 if he will try and be there for #NC2020 to get it started. That means that he should have never been elected in #NC2016.

Not one time has he ever said he was planning stick around. Not even when directly asked. And his track record as a teacher and local school board member show that he has already been around too long as the state super.

Felts’s statement above is indicative of the man who tells his girlfriend that he can’t really commit to her but asks her to stay loyal to him. In front of her parents.

What if I was asked by my students if I was coming back to the school the next year and gave them answer akin to what Felts? Imagine what the students would think.

But he is running. For something.



A $125,000 says so.