Half A Semester Has Passed – Gotten Your EVAAS Projections Yet?

At least in the WSFCS system, this past Friday marked the end of the first quarter of the school year. For those classes that are on the block schedule, that means that one-half of the course is complete.

2019-2020 calendar

According to DPI:

EVAAS provides North Carolina’s educators with tools to improve student learning and to reflect and improve on their own effectiveness. Along with other sources of data, EVAAS plays a valuable role in the success of North Carolina’s schools and students.

EVAAS examines the impact of teachers, schools, and districts on the learning of their students in specific courses, grades, and subjects. Users can access colorful, easy-to-understand charts and graphs via the Web, as well as produce customized reports that predict student success, show the effects of schooling at particular schools, or reveal patterns in subgroup performance.

But have teachers this year gotten those EVAAS “scores” for their students – many of whom have already bee in class for at least half of their allotted time.

Actually, when putting into context the amount of exams and time it takes to conduct all of that standardized testing at the end of a semester, some teachers have already seen students over half of the actual allotted class time.

And still no EVAAS scores to “work” with?