So, What Makes a North Carolina Public School A Failing School?

When a school in North Carolina is graded by the School Performance Grading system it is based on student achievement as measured by chosen standardized tests and the growth that students have shown based on EVAAS growth on selected standardized tests.

But with all of the “reforms” that have been enacted in this state because of the “failing” public school system, it might be worth asking, “What makes a school a failing school?”

This is not a rhetorical or hypothetical question. I want to compile a list.

If you have an answer, qualification, or inkling as to what makes a school a failing school you can certainly leave a comment in Comments Section of this post (I can leave “unapproved” if you prefer to remain anonymous). You can respond in the Facebook postings, or you can send a message through the blog (on the right side in the picture of the lone school building), and I will leave it anonymous if you want when I compile the list.