Go Ahead, Rep. Craig Horn – Run For State Superintendent. Then Maybe You Can Explain Your Voting Record.

“Our schools of education are designed by white women for white women,” Horn said. “… We need to reach down into our high schools, no, we need to reach down into our middle and elementary schools, and promote the career of education.”Rep. Craig Horn on November 22, 2019.

At this point, I’m planning on filing,”  – Rep. Craig Horn as quoted in NC Policy Watch.

If he does run for state superintendent for NC , Rep. Craig Horn will need to answer for his voting record concerning the following reforms and explain how that would transfer to his vision of promoting teaching as a profession to a younger generation.

  • revamped teacher pay scale
  • removal of due-process rights for newer teachers
  • removal of graduate degree pay for newer teachers
  • bonus / merit pay
  • uneven “average” raises
  • elimination of longevity pay
  • removal of retiree health benefits for new hires after 2021
  • HB17 that gave state superintendent new powers
  • financing a lawsuit between state superintendent and state board
  • per-pupil expenditures
  • removal of class size cap
  • instituting of a school performance grading system
  • cutting teacher assistants
  • creation of a voucher system
  • deregulation of charter schools
  • removal of charter school caps
  • virtual charter schools
  •  ISD
  • elimination of the Teacher Fellow program and reviving it as a small version of its former self
  • allowing a municipal charter school bill to pass

Oh, and that virtual pre-k thing.

And how can Horn even think about “promoting” the career of teaching in NC when there is no way that a future teacher can obtain the pay and due-process rights that this veteran teacher has that not only allows him to stay in the profession but enables him to advocate for public schools against the very “reforms” Horn has championed?

In reality, Horn has been part of the problem in what ails our future teacher pipeline.

And if he runs for state super, then he should answer for the policies he has voted to enact.