LEANDRO REPORT Is Out – 300+ Pages That Beg Answers From Our Reform-Minded Lawmakers

It was released today.


Here is a copy: Sound Basic Education for All – An Action Plan for North Carolina.

It’s 301 pages.

It has 65 data exhibits in the actual report.

It has 52 data exhibits in the appendices.

And it has 12 basic findings listed below.

  • Finding #1: Funding in North Carolina has declined over the last decade.
  • Finding #2: The current distribution of education funding is inequitable.
  • Finding #3: Specific student populations need higher levels of funding.
  • Finding #4: Greater concentrations of higher-needs students increases funding needs.
  • Finding #5: Regional variations in costs impact funding needs.
  • Finding #6: The scale of district operations impacts costs.
  • Finding #7: Local funding and the Classroom Teacher allotments create additionalfunding inequities.
  • Finding #8: New constraints on local flexibility hinder district ability to align resources with student needs.
  • Finding #9: Restrictions on Classroom Teacher allotments reduce flexibility and funding levels.
  • Finding #10: Frequent changes in funding regulations hamper budget planning.
  • Finding #11: The state budget timeline and adjustments create instability.
  • Finding #12: There is inadequate funding to meet student needs.

As a teacher, public school parent, taxpayer, and advocate, I look forward to people like Phil Berger, Tim Moore, Dan Forest, Mark Johnson, and Craig Horn offering an explanation to this report.



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  1. But, but Berger’s mouthpiece says we are spending record amounts and money doesn’t buy outcomes.


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