Dear Mark Johnson: I Just Found That “Deep State” – Go Get ‘ Em!

Mark Johnson is officially running for LT. Governor of North Carolina. He is going to fight the “Deep State.” From NC Policy Watch:



So what is the “Deep State?”


“Influential members of government” involved in the “manipulation or control of policy?” Or maybe the manipulation of how the public views government policy like public education?

Does he mean the very forces that so drastically affect traditional public schools with closed-door policies and alter the reporting protocols that control how the public ends up viewing the effectiveness of traditional public schools?



It is interesting that Johnson mentions fighting the Deep State but never really identifies the very people who seem to be controlling such a secretive agency. And since Johnson is the state’s highest education official, the fight that he has been supposedly fighting against these dark forces are against people who seem to not only be crafting educational policy, but also trying to control the narrative that the public hears.

And when one keeps that profile in mind, it is easy to identify whom Mark Johnson is supposedly “fighting.” Here are some clues:

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The above are actual released statements and letters by people who not only are controlling educational policy but are controlling how the public views public education.

Looks like we just found the “Deep State.” And as Johnson said, it’s “real.”


One of them is actually from Mark Johnson himself.

But he wouldn’t know. He’s too busy being controlled by the others to see the truth.