Civics Lesson For The Decade – The Hofeller Files And Racial Disparity

Earlier this month, Stephanie Hofeller, the estranged daughter of the late mastermind of legislative redistricting, Thomas Hofeller, released the contents of hard drives and portable drives that her father had used to save information and research behind his use of census information to help redraw legislative districts for GOP advantages.


Needless to say that those district lines were drawn using racial disparities so that chances for the current GOP to maintain or gain seats in government could be maximized.

Such actions are illegal. Yes, the Supreme Court earlier this year did not act on cases involved with partisan gerrymandering on state levels, but state supreme courts can and the use of racial profiling in drawing lines is against the law.

Think of the implications of this release of information.

Officials who were elected with the aid of intentional racial gerrymandering are then able to craft and pass legislation that can further racial disparities.

Think of the Voter ID law which was recently put on hold for the March primaries.

Think of the fact that the most recent Annual Charter School Report was edited because it had shown that charter schools actually help to promote segregation – again! And the charter school cap has been removed.

Think of the Municipal Charter School Bill that was brought about by then Rep. Bill Brawley to allow predominantly white affluent communities to establish their own charter schools with property taxes in a school district that is not predominantly white.

Think of the fact that contrary to common sense and good will, Medicaid has not been expanded in North Carolina.

Just four examples of what this current lawmaking body known as the North Carolina General Assembly has done while helping to ensure its hold on power through racial gerrymandering.

To keep passing bad legislation.

What an incredible civics lesson which may never be taught because of the now mandated personal finance class in high schools that will in no way ever talk about income disparities along racial lines because that goes against the will of those who forced that course to be taught in the first place.

One thought on “Civics Lesson For The Decade – The Hofeller Files And Racial Disparity

  1. Thank you for exposing the truths here. We can and must do better in NC! Legislators who fail to honor their oaths of office to uphold the state and federal laws should be called out for it. We also need to hold them accountable by voting them out of office. NC was once becoming a progressive state. Today, we are a laughing stock throughout the nation. The citizens of NC deserve better.

    Dr. Kashi Bazemore
    NC Public Education Advocate


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