How North Carolina Became A Fertile Ground For “Educational Reform”

North Carolina currently has a minimum wage of $7.25 which is the federal minimum.

minimum wage

North Carolina is one of seven states to make collective bargaining illegal.

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This is a map of the economic well-being of each NC county as reported be the North Carolina Department of Commerce. The LIGHTER the shade of blue, the more economic “distress.”

2019 County Tier Designations

North Carolina is one of seven states with the deepest cuts to K-12 while also cutting corporate tax rates.


North Carolina ranks #3 in lowest corporate tax rates.

corporate tax rate

North Carolina is one of 14 states to not adopt Medicaid expansion.


North Carolina is the only state that measures schools with a formula that allows achievement to weigh more than growth.

16 states

North Carolina has a school grading performance system that stigmatizes poverty stricken schools.


All of which allows for this: