Financing An Academic Theocracy With Public Money – North Carolina’s Voucher System

An “Opportunity Grant” in North Carolina is worth up to $4200 a year to cover (or help cover) tuition at a non-public participating school.

According to the Private School Review, there are 35 private schools in North Carolina for which an Opportunity Grant could cover the entire tuition ($4200 or less).

privte school review1

All 35 are religiously affiliated schools. 22 of them take Opportunity Grants.

Currently we are on pace to give almost a billion dollars to vouchers within the next ten years.


For a system that is considered the least transparent in the entire country.

Duke study

Here is some more food for thought.



From page 8 of the Public School Forum of NC’s report Top Ten Education Issues of 2018:

voucher schools

And Dan Forest wants all students in North Carolina to have these.