Teacher Working Conditions Survey Is Available; However, We Filled One Out On Primary Day..

…and it looked a lot like a ballot.

While the traditional Teacher Working Conditions Survey covers perceptions of school environments and attitudes, nothing can truly represent a “working conditions survey” like a ballot – especially the one presented to teachers and other public school advocates this past Tuesday.



When the man who currently “leads” DPI does not even make it out of a primary in his bid to be vicariously used to undermine public education in a greater capacity, then teachers have spoken.

When a man who has cosigned all of the disruptive “reforms” in public education does not even make out of a primary to become the state superintendent even with the financial backing of Art Pope and Jim Goodnight (SAS), then teachers have spoken.

When every candidate endorsed by NCAE on regional and stat ballots wins his/her primary, then teachers have spoken especially with all of the energy and money spent to silence NCAE’s voice.

When local sales tax referendums pass that will help fund teacher salaries pass, then teachers have spoken.

Yes, the March 3rd primary was a “Teacher Working Condition Survey.”