After This Unprecedented Time In Public Education, We Should Have A Totally New Teacher Working Condition Survey

Amid meetings, gathering of resources, communications with students, creating lesson plans to deliver online, amid other concerns, I and every other public school teacher received this email:

Working Conditions Survey

This is not even appropriate at this moment especially when the letter begins with something like “We know you are very busy with trying to deal with this pandemic, but can you answer some questions that deal with nothing about how the state has been supporting public education?”

Just two days ago I had more sample standardized test copies in my classroom to help students get ready for an end of year test than the entire state had kits to actually test if people in a state of over 10 million people had CONVID -19.

Working Conditions Survey 2

Yep, after this unprecedented time in public education, we should have a totally new teacher working condition survey.

Because what some of our local districts and schools are doing to help keep students fed and feel cared for could never be reflected in what DPI asked to be filled out today.