Texas Yesterday And Georgia Today. North Carolina Should Be Next – Suspend State Testing This School Year And…

ask the federal government to waive requirements for federal national tests.

eliminate testing 1

The Georgia Department of Education will seek the maximum authority and waivers afforded by the U.S. Department of Education and other federal agencies to accommodate this ever-evolving situation,” the statement said (from today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

eliminate testing 2

In an unprecedented move, Gov. Greg Abbott announced Monday he would waive testing requirements for this year’s STAAR exam, as many schools expect to be closed at least through the April testing window due to the new coronavirus.

He also said he would ask the federal government to waive this year’s federal standardized testing requirements, which apply to all states (yesterday from The Texas Tribune).

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End-of-the-year K-12 school testing is canceled in Colorado for the remainder of the academic year as dozens of school districts across the state have shuttered in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Colorado Department of Education announced Tuesday (from today’s Denver Post).

And there’s even Indiana, which might be a bigger player in the education reform business than NC and where Mike Pence did as much damage to public schools as Betsy DeVos tried to do with Michigan’s.

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Do the right thing, North Carolina!