If Schools Can Go To Virtual Learning, We Can Do Mail-In Ballots In November

Below is one of the several headlines and ledesacross media outlets today concerning President Trump’s remarks about not wanting mail-in ballots to be used in case the country is still in an epidemic and shut-down.

the hill

If schools can be forced to go to virtual learning in a matter of a day or two, we can do vote-by-mail seven months from now.

If schools can still deliver meals to students and families in need on a daily basis, we can do vote-by-mail for one election day.

If I as a teacher can “grade” work coming in to my inbox from students on a consistent basis during this pandemic, then election boards can “grade” mailed-in-votes for a one day election period.

If the government can send each eligible person a stimulus check for hundreds of dollars, then we can send a ballot to each registered voter.

Oh and the president mailed in his vote for the Florida primary last month.