“Isolation leads to teacher love” -What One Pastor Said About The Role Of Schools And Educators

Richard Groves is a former pastor of Wake Forest Baptist Church and former adjunct instructor at High Point University.

I met him in the Fall of 1988 as a freshman at Wake Forest. His church met on the Wake campus in Wait Chapel, the most visible structure on campus. And I enjoyed hearing him speak many times.

Frequently, he writes for the Winston-Salem Journal. His tone is always disarming; his words are always easily heard. At heart, he’s a teacher.

Today’s edition of the WSJ featured an op-ed entitled “Isolation leads to teacher love.”The picture attached to the post is from Lewisville Elementary School, just a few miles from where I teach in the neighboring village of Clemmons. They had a “drive-through” for students to reconnect just for a few moments with their teachers.

And I am glad he wrote what he did. Please take a read.