So, Where Is The State Superintendent? It’s Time For Him To Be That Leader He Claims To Have Been

Over the last three-plus years, we have become somewhat conditioned to receiving emails, glossy flyers, and other forms of blanket communications from our current state superintendent about a variety of topics presented in ways that make him appear proactive, attentive, and sensitive to the needs of public schools and the communities they serve.

Below is a list of the many topics that his emails have concerned.

  1. Doughnuts
  2. Glossy Flyers
  3. #NC2030
  4. iPads
  5. iStation
  7. Hurricanes
  8. Audit & Reorg
  9. School Report Cards
  10. Read to Achieve
  11. “I am also a lawyer”
  12. TeachNC
  13. Private Dinner For Big Announcements
  14. ClassWallet

There used to be those weekly tweets from his office about reading strategies


And it hasn’t been that long since Johnson told us about his quest to rid Raleigh of its bureaucracy and keep fighting the “deep state.”


Heck, he even texted us about it when he was running for Lt. Gov. while ignoring his duties as state super.


Oh, that was when he was also fighting against Common Core.


So, that man who championed technology and “personalized” learning – where is he now? Where is the leader who talked about “urgency” at one point? Where is the leader who flouted his ability to fight against the “establishment” and the invisible “deep state?”

The most singular seismic event to hit our public schools in at least my career and I have not seen one time where the leader of the public schools has been, well … a leader.