The North Carolina General Assembly Should Grant Every Waiver Requested By The SBOE And Then…

The North Carolina State Board of Education submitted their requests for waivers to be given by the NCGA when it reconvenes late this month.

From NC Policy Watch yesterday:

The State Board of Education has agreed to ask state lawmakers to waive certain student tests and other accountability measures due to school closures.

Gov. Roy Cooper ordered public schools closed last month to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The coronavirus had claimed 86 lives in North Carolina. Schools are scheduled to reopen May 15 but could remain closed longer.

Lawmakers are expected to take up the requests when they return to Raleigh on April 28. A House Select Committee on COVID-19 studying education issues has already begun to discuss the requests.


The NCGA should grant every one of these waivers. And then…

  • permanently eliminate school performance grades,
  • do away with bonus pay schemes,
  • stop vouchers,
  • cap charter school growth,
  • allow for collective bargaining,
  • get rid of the right to work laws,
  • expand Medicaid,
  • pass a budget that fully funds public schools,
  • revamp unemployment benefits,