One Glaring Item Not Mentioned: Revisiting Mark Johnson’s

Remember that website Mark Johnson created to deal with Hurricane Florence a year and a half ago that looked like a campaign website?

The one that he kept referring to continuously in his glossy flyers and multiple emails over the last twelve months?

The one he had made in hopes to help North Carolinians keep updated with matters affecting the hurricane?

The one that had links to social media outlets?

social media

The one that collected names and information from people to build a database for the upcoming 2020 election cycle?

johnson1 The one that highlighted a priority list of issues that sounded like campaign talking points?


The one that had a “get to know me” section to introduce himself to people?

meet me

The one that offered press releases that were highly favorable to one person: Mark Johnson?

press releases

The one that offered plenty of “PR” pictures and running video for the one person that the website still serves: Mark Johnson?


The one where someone could request a “campaign” visit from the site?


The one that still is a .com and not a .org?

Yep – still there. And almost all of it has not changed except some news stories, lack of hurricane updates, some pictures, and one other noticeable aspect.

Not a single mention of the current coronavirus epidemic.

Tomorrow will begin the fifth week of schools being closed in North Carolina.