NCDPI Conducted An Internal Investigation. Really?

When statements are issued on Friday afternoons around time for people to stop working, then it is intentionally done unless it is an emergency.

This was not an emergency. It was meant to hopefully appear without being seen by many people.

internal investigtion

This is complete BS. It reads more like a bad cover-up than anything else.


Social friend of a former employee who viewed the messages as a source of entertainment and information on personal matters?

So the former employee who admitted to linking her personal texts to a computer went against policy? OK. She’s no longer there. Why didn’t the “social friend” not have that link removed? Doesn’t it sound creepy to just look at someone’s text messages for an extended period of time just so you can be entertained without that person knowing? There’s no spying there. None.


And the employee continue to look at them until something juicy came up? Then screenshot it? Then slid it under someone’s door?

That’s upfront. Who’s to say that she didn’t share other things earlier? Oh, that would make her look guilty.

And only after that did she “disconnect the desktop from the text messaging account.”

That sounds really (im)plausible.


Right. Nothing else was ever shared. No one else ever knew that the account was still on the computer.

Mark Johnson is a lawyer. He even told us himself.


He should know that this “investigation” holds no merit.

But neither did the iStation contract he continues to champion.