This Teacher Has So Much Faith In The Class Of 2020

I am almost three times as old as the average age of my students this year.

I remember rotary phones, VHS, Walkmans, leaded gasoline, and the release of the first Star Wars movie.

I remember the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Soviet Union, Columbine, and 9/11.

This year’s graduating class did not experience those things firsthand. They will have their own life-defining moments  – like now. Never in my career as a teacher have I experienced what is happening with the current pandemic and its effects on schools. I sincerely hope it never happens again.

But I want to say as a teacher of seniors and as a parent of a senior that I have never had as much faith in a graduating class as I have this one.

No. I am not awarding the Class of 2020 with some kind of title or moniker or designation. I am simply saying that I see in them aspects that I have not encountered before in a group of students who have had to deal with circumstances beyond control and seen them begin to proactively do something about it.

I have not come across a group of seniors who is as excited at the opportunity to vote in elections this year and want to make their voices heard. I have not come across a group of students who have performed as much service work as they have. And this class is having to confront the very realities of what is important in life at an age where they can learn from it and then do something about it with others in mind.

This group thinks about the environment, health care, student debt, socioeconomics, poverty, societal dynamics, and politics in such a more open and active way.

And they are not afraid to talk to others and put actions behind words.

I tell most everyone who asks me, “What is the most difficult part of your job?” that it is the adults and never the students. Adults can get set in their ways and appeal so much to tradition and how things were done “in their day” that they forget that many things in the world change and that there exists so many other points of view and perspectives.

I hope there is a stage for each graduating senior to walk across in the near future. I would like the opportunity to watch my own daughter get a diploma right after I get to call her name as one of the teachers who gets to announce graduates.

But considering what circumstances are like now and the world we had already given them, I don’t hope that this graduating class can thrive and make a positive impact for others.

I already know they will.

Senior Class of 2020 - Mehlville High School



2 thoughts on “This Teacher Has So Much Faith In The Class Of 2020

  1. I agree-also a high school teacher and mother of a senior. I have had the privilege to teach many in her class in kindergarten, 6th, 8th, and 9th grades, all along the way knowing they were special. I was so looking forward to not only watching my daughter walk across the stage but so many others. Their day will come and they will find joy and positivity in whatever graduation ceremony they have. They don’t dwell on the problem; they assess and respond and move forward. Our neighborhood seniors (from various schools) have talked about a community ceremony with a stage the neighborhood builds and family seating boxes 6ft apart. Problem. Assess. Respond. Celebrate. Class of 2020.


  2. Congratulations and thanks Good one!

    Amy Bridges “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Marcus Tullius Cicero



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