“11 Warning Signs That Your School District Is Under Attack” – From ITPI.org

This is a good list for any public school advocate to look at and use as a template for observation. It comes from ITPI.org (In The Public Interest). Dr, Diane Ravitch posted it earlier on her well-known blog. Dr. Jen Mangrum shared it on her social media.

The more it is shared, teh more people become aware of things that could be happening. Remember that the NCGA reconvenes today and has bills already on teh table affecting public schools.


Here’s the quick list from the document (please follow link to get the full explanation):

  1. “Emergency powers have been requested, given, or exercised by superintendents that circumvent normal oversight rules.
  2. Procurement rules and processes are being suspended, overruled, or ignored.
  3. Virtual/online charter companies are expanding their outreach and recruitment of students.
  4. Charter schools and their advocates are pushing to change or ignore
    authorization and oversight rules.
  5. Existing charter schools and new charter schools are pushing for immediate
    charter expansion.
  6. Education technology companies (hardware and software companies, online
    testing and lesson planning companies, etc.) are aggressively soliciting the
    district offering immediate solutions.
  7. Equity and access laws and requirements are being ignored.
  8. Student and educator privacy rights are being ignored or overlooked.
  9. In districts with collective bargaining agreements, contracts are being suspended, ignored, or unilaterally amended.
  10. Online credit recovery programs are being offered as immediate solutions.
  11. District educators are doing creative and effective work that should be lifted up and shared.”