May 16, 2018 Was Two Years Ago. So, What Are We Still Willing To Do?


May 16, 2018. Much of what was at the center of that march is still relevant now. AND MORE!

No doubt that there are still some lawmakers who wish to forget what happened and let time work some magic in the memories of public school teachers and advocates.

But that was twp years ago. And for a lot of us, it is still fresh in our minds.

Tomorrow will be May 16, 2020. Almost six months divides this day in May with Election Day in November, and although there is still much to figure out in this recent pandemic and time of school closures, much can still be done between now and November.


  • You can canvas for political candidates who are pro-public education.
  • You can make sure that friends and relatives are apprised of the current situation in North Carolina’s public education system and make sure that they are voting.
  • You can join education activist efforts to help galvanize more and more people.
  • You can call or email your legislators about issues and ask questions.
  • Be sure to look at local elections for school boards and county / city commissioners and make sure which ones are most sensitive to the plight of public schools.
  • Connect with others on social media and spread the word.
  • Volunteer to register voters and maybe even drive some to the polls when we are allowed to.
  • Find out about early voting and absentee voting options and help those in your family or circle of friends who may need these avenues to participate.
  • If you are not a teacher, then volunteer for a school when they reopen or go to events sponsored by the school and take others with you so they can see how important public schools are.
  • Wear Red 4 Ed.
  • Wear spirit wear from your local schools.
  • Remember what 20,000 teachers looked like on May 16, 2018 and how much that rattled the current powers-that-be.