Another Horrible Bill From The Man Who Brought NC The Failed Innovative School District

Remember this?

In 2016, then Rep. Rob Bryan and the House Committee on Education, pushed through a bill that would establish an ASD (Achievement School District) in North Carolina allowing the control of some of the state’s low-performing schools to be outsourced to out-of-state entities.

That ASD was renamed the Innovative School District (ISD) in 2017 in an attempt to “relabel” it under a more favorable light.

After a rather contentious selection process that saw communities galvanize to keep their “under-preforming” schools from being put into the ISD, one school was then selected and marked to be taken over by an outside entity – Southside Ashpole Elementary School in Robeson County.

Then in 2018, Rob Bryan lost his reelection bid. But his affiliation with the ISD baceme even more entrenched.

In April of 2018, Dr. Eric Hall, then the superintendent of the ISD, formally presented to the NC State Board of Education his recommendation for an operator for Southside Ashpole.

From Alex Granados of on April 4, 2018:

Southside Ashpole will be the first school and is slated to operate under the ISD starting this coming fall. However, having an operator in place before is a crucial first step before that can happen. 

Hall’s recommendation, Charlotte-based Achievement for All Children(AAC) includes former Rep. Rob Bryan, R-Mecklenburg, on its leadership team. Bryan was the lawmaker who spearheaded the legislation that became the Innovative School District. 

Rob Bryan was a part of AAC. And that ISD has been a failure.



Southside Ashpole Elementary:
4 – F’s
Everything else is an “I” which stands for “Insufficient Data.”
1 – Not Met’s
2 – Met

And in a time of absolute economic turmoil, Bryan has just filed a bill that will give a tax credit for people who do not send their kids to public schools.


But this really is not that odd for someone like Rob Bryan. His background in pushing ALEC aligned “reforms” is not a secret, and when you look at it in its entirety, it becomes clear that Rob Bryan is no friend of public schools in NC.

From Meet the UNC Board of Governors (