NC Must Invest More In Schools NOW – And They Can

If you are one of the most powerful lawmakers in a state who tweets your state’s strong bond rating (but have not exercised it) during a pandemic, then you are either electioneering or bragging about something that you will never use.

Or in Tim Moore’s case, both.

Last week  he tweeted this (and included is commentary from Kris Nordstrom, a policy/budget analyst).


The text in Moore’s tweet says,

@FitchRatings just reviewed North Carolina’s finances after a decade of tax & budget reform: “North Carolina’s AAA ratings reflect its low liabilities, conservative financial operations and long-term prospects for continued economic expansion.”


That’s a nice way of saying “after a decade of unnecessary corporate tax cuts and ignorance of never expanding Medicaid in a state that still has the lowest federally allowed minimum wage in the nation and over 20% of public school students who live at or below the poverty level, we are in great shape to not use this rating to help us get a bond.”

Public schools will need more funding to open up this next fall in a safe and effective manner. If not, then a much higher price (both literal and figurative) will have to be paid later.

Oh, and vote in November.