School ReOpening “Plans” Were Released Yesterday, But There Are So Many Questions

Yesterday, the governor’s office released the “StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit (K-12)” as a “plan” to safely reopen schools.


As reported in this morning’s Winston-Salem Journal:

When the school year starts in August, students will be screened for illnesses before entering school, floor markings will be placed in classroom to ensure social distancing and congregating will be discouraged under a set of requirements and recommendations that Gov. Roy  Cooper’s office released Monday to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The StrongSchoolsNC Public Heath Toolkit (K-12) was developed using the most current guidance for schools developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It will be updated as new guidance is released by the CDC, according to a press release from Cooper’s office.

The 23-page manual includes guidance on social distancing, the use of masks, cleaning, visitation policies, cafeteria procedures, communication and transportation, among other issues. Some are recommendations. Some are requirements. 

Three plans: A, B, and C. Minimal social distancing, moderate social distancing, and remote learning.


There are guidelines that are “required.” Some are “recommended.” Some are “strongly recommended.”

So, who will paying for all of this extra stuff needed to make sure things are safe?

Who will be making sure that there are enough staff on hand to help ensure that all protocols are covered? Remember that we are dealing with an NC General Assembly that eliminated over 7000 teacher assistant jobs since the last great recession.

Is there any talk about placing a cap on class sizes to keep social distancing possible?

How will teachers and educators be able to have enough time to devote to academics?

And how many professional development opportunities will there be for teachers to get a better handle on resources to use for remote learning if Plan C has to go in to effect? Remember that that same NCGA mentioned earlier pretty much eliminated PD funds from the state budget.


3 thoughts on “School ReOpening “Plans” Were Released Yesterday, But There Are So Many Questions

  1. So many of the regulations read as “You should do this thing, but if you can’t, oh well.” This plan is restrictive enough to make school a nightmare for teachers and students without providing any meaningful protection.


  2. I think we should stay virtual at least until January 2021. There is no way these requirements can be met, especially at the elementary level.

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