So, If It Costs This Much To “Protect” The NCGA, Imagine What Schools Need

Yesterday, the News & Observer ran a story on the return of temperature checks and other preventative measures to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in the chambers of the NC General Assembly.


Paul Coble, the legislative services officer, had stopped measures of screening in the past few days. He said that it cost a lot.


He said it cost one-million dollars to keep the building clean and offer protective measures.

Later in the report:

Wednesday, Coble said the screenings would resume.

“I made the decision to cease the temperature checks and move to a nurse-based model of care due to the fact that we have not had a single case of an elevated temperature reading during the past six weeks,” Coble wrote.

“However I can appreciate your concern that the procedure provided an extra feeling of safety,” Coble said. “Therefore, I have asked our nursing team to staff back up and work with our police officers to provide the temperature checks next week while the Senate and House are in session.”

So, what will the NCGA fight for in the fall for each school to care for students and educators that so many lawmakers want to “open up?”

You know, the buildings that are “in session” for an entire school year and do not have a “nursing team” on sight?