For Every NC Lawmaker Who Wants To Open Up Schools In August…

… and does not offer the resources for every educator to protect him or herself from the spread of the virus,

… does not offer each bus driver, support staff, or anyone who comes into contact with students the proper equipment to keep safe,

… does not fight like hell to get the funding to safely open schools and still allow for teachers to instruct students,

… does not ask (and listen to then act on) educators and local administrators explicitly what they would need to allow students to be engaged with school work,

… explains that it is for the sake of the economy that schools be open,

… does not support the wearing of masks to help curb the spread of the virus,

… does not fully consider the what the science says, and is running for reelection on a platform that talks about how much he/she values public education,

I dare you to teach some classes for the first few days.