Answer CREED’s Freedom Hill Coalition Call To Action! About New Social Studies Learning Standards

Please take time to look at and respond to the state school board about social studies learning standards.

This is crucial. As the site explains:

Call to Action! 5 minutes of Engagement!

We know many of us are feeling exhausted by the compounding dangers of COVID-19 and the ongoing nationwide protests. If you can, here are two things you can do to combat the systemic inequities in the North Carolina public education system: (The State Board has major vote next week!)

  1. We need 20 people within the next 24 hours to contact the state boardregarding the newly drafted social studies learning standards and how it perpetuates curriculum violence in North Carolina public schools as well as the cultural erasure of our students and their families of color. There are many pages and three different courses (American History, World History & Founding Principles), but as you peruse any of the PDFs, please note what you see related to Black, Latinx, Native American and Asian communities in NC. Are the lives and experiences of communities of color lifted up? Now more than ever we have to make sure we teach histories that are inclusive representative of various cultures.

    Email any and all of the state board members listed below with your responses! The quick action template (also below) may help as a starting point.
  2. Please share your solidarity with us on social mediawith one sentence from your emailed correspondenceusinghashtags:



Please join us!

We hope these resources prove beneficial.

In solidarity,

Freedom Hill Coalition

There is a template for a letter.

And a list of email addresses for all state board members.

Again – here is the link.