Another Example Of The DeVastation of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has no degree in education meaning she is not even educated in how to educate.

Betsy DeVos has no teaching experience. NONE, but she is the leading official for public schools in the nation.

Betsy DeVos never attended a public school or state supported university. None of her children have either.

Betsy DeVose’s monetary contributions to Christian-based schools and evangerlical organizations has been conservatively estimated at $200 million.

Betsy DeVos is totally anti-union and believes that teachers are paid too much.

Betsy DeVos supports vouchers like no other.

That’s right. The top official for public schools has no experience as a student, parent, teacher, or administrator of public schools, but she does have experience in funding privatization movements.

And she just tweeted this: