Gaslit Hypocrisy – Phil Berger Now “Cares” About Leandro?

After you read the following press release from Sen. Phil Berger that was issued yesterday, go back over it and see how many times Berger references the Leandro case – the one that literally told this state that what NC has been doing under the leadership of Sen. Phil Berger has actually been violating the state’s Constitution.

Then review how many things Berger has done to the state budget that has literally guaranteed that our public schools remain underfunded and underpriorotized.

Then maybe review this:

Justin Parmenter, who writes the Notes From The Chalkboard blog and is as fierce a public school advocate as I have ever had the privilege of working with, shared this sound clip from this past May in which Sen. Phil Berger commented on the Leandro report’s findings about school funding in NC.


In that sound clip, Berger states, “Our Constitution does not provide for judges to appropriate dollars. We’ve said on multiple occasions if judges want to get into the field of appropriating they need to run for the legislature. We’ll see what the order is, but again we cannot spend money we don’t have.

Funny that the state Constitution does stipulate that the state is responsible for a quality, sound public education for all students and that the Leandro finding was based on how well NC was adhering to that stipulation. But…

…you know, legislature. One that dosn’t even have a current budget.

Maybe Phil needs to go look at his own district, especially his home county of Rockingham.

It’s a partisan school board – controlled by Berger’s party.