“As Long As It’s Your Kid And Not Mine” – Political Hypocrisy Of Sending Students To Fully “Reopened” Schools

The above tweet is a little off on DeSantis’s kids going to schools and might misrepresent Rubio, but…. From the Tampa Bay Times:

“With Florida’s schools emerging as the latest battleground in the fight over coronavirus public health measures, the state’s three top Republicans aren’t entirely in agreement about what they think is the safest way to go to school when it comes to their own family members.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said his children, who are too young to attend school, would be going in person if they were old enough.

Sen. Rick Scott said his grandchildren will not attend school in person.

And Sen. Marco Rubio did not say if his children would attend classes in person when asked by the Miami Herald, but said he wants to see Miami’s community spread decrease in the coming weeks before students return.”

Might be a good time to ask of Phil Berger’s grandchildren will be attending school in person.

Or Catherine Truitt’s?

Or any other NC lawmaker who has called for fully reopening schools.

You will not need to ask Dan Forest. His school-aged children are homeschooled.

And the President of the United States’s youngest child (from the NYTimes)?