A Dusting Of Snow, Road Conditions, Bad HVAC, But A Pandemic? Reasons Why School Buildings Have Closed.

Taught for well over 20 years. Went to schools for 13 years and college for almost 8.

And there have been lots of reasons for school buildings to close. These have happened in schools where I have taught and attended:

Less than one inch of snow. I grew up in rural Georgia. If it snows, then large parts of the state literally shut down.

Power outage. Hard to have school without power. Could have been as innocent as a squirrel in a transformer.

Bomb threat. I actually worked in a school that had a live bomb in it at one time. Homemade. Detonated on the football field.

Very low temperatures. Those pipes might burst.

Very hot temperatures. It gets hot in Georgia. Well, it gets hot everywhere.

Road conditions. Ice patches. Imagine a big county with a few schools in it. If part of the county has to be canceled or delayed, then the entire county has to be as well.

Lack of road clearing equipment. Lots of days missed because a major snowstorm left lots of snow that refroze every night on the roads and they were not cleared in all areas where buses go.

Repairs needed for HVAC equipment. Lots of schools still have antiquated equipment.

Water main break. Can’t use the bathrooms.

Just the threat of really bad weather. Again, grew up in rural Georgia.

Hurricanes. Lots of rain, wind, and possible tornadoes. Both states where I have taught are coastal states.

Not enough subs. Specifically May 16, 2018 and May 1, 2019.

Two cases of COVID-19 in the county. Last March there was a two-week initial closing of school buildings.

But there are many in NC who would not want to close school buildings for this: