Using Teachers (& Students) As Political Pawns

By now you have probably seen a photograph of a crowded school hallway during a class change in Paulding County, GA.

Not many masks. Not much social distancing.

Paulding County is in the northwest part of the Atlanta Metro Area.

Paulding County, Georgia - Wikipedia

Not far from Fulton County where Atlanta is.

Fulton County, Georgia - Wikipedia

The student who posted that picture has been suspended from school.

Right on the other side of Fulton County is Gwinnett County which has the largest school system in the state.

Just last week Gwinnett County schools made national headlines.

Strange that on each of the school buildings in that system there is a sign for the teachers and employees.

At the bottom of that sign it states, “You are assuming this risk by entering these premises.”

The school system – under a state bill – does not assume any liability of an emplyee gets sick from COVID.

But that same district is not giving teachers an option to work virtually.

Even when students are.