Hey NC! Remember This Lady? Her Husband Is Destroying The USPS

Remember who this person is and what office she held under Governor PAt McCrory?


That’s Aldona Wos, the former head of NC’s DHHS.

Indy Week from exactly five years ago said it best.

History will record that Aldona Wos, a Greensboro physician, socialite and Republican fundraiser, was secretary of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services for two years and seven months. She bade a tearful farewell to the job last week, expressing satisfaction that the “improvement process” she talked about so incessantly to the point that you’d have thought it was real was not in vain.

Gov. Pat McCrory, in tears, declared her the best DHHS boss ever.

History will further record that DHHS survived Aldona Wos and again operates much as it did before.

That’s not to say that Wos didn’t crash around the agency causing mischief. Nor am I forgetting her many missteps, some comical, others quite serious. In fact, I’m reminded how unprepared she was to lead an agency withthen17,000 employees, a budget (including the federal funds it disburses) of $18 billion and a mission to serve the poor.

Wos didn’t seem to know that when you’re serving the poor, young politicos who are between Republican campaigns shouldn’t be on your payroll at $85,000 and up. That new database technology shouldn’t launch before it’s ready, because many who depend on government aid will be dropped. That writing memos about how to address yourself in memos will make you a laughingstock.

Worst, Wos didn’t know that Medicaid, which serves the very poor and accounts for $13 billion of the $18 billion budget, including about $3.7 billion in state funds, was not “broken,” as she’d thought or was told by the equally clueless McCrory. She was a long time learning that lessonand never got the hang of explaining it.

“The improvement process has at times been truly painful,” Wos conceded.

Yes it has.

Let’s fast forward five years into a pandemic and a scared president bent on not allowing mail-in voting to register the voices of many Americans and the hiring of Louis DeJoy as the 75th Postmaster General.

And just follow the news footage surrounding that hire.

The report above is just one of many that expose a conflict of interest between DeJoy and the USPS.

Oh, and guess where DeJoy is from? Greensboro, NC.

Want to take a stab at who his spouse is?