Censuring Was Not Good Enough For This School Board Member

Last week it became state-wide news when a school board member in Cabarrus County used a slur on a video conference for all to hear.

Her apology given in the form of a letter did not suffice for this teacher who has a child with intellectual disabilities and cognitive delays.

It seemed more like an explanation of why she said it that drifted off into an explanation of victimhood.

On Monday, that school board voted to “censure” her.

From the Charlotte Observer:

The Cabarrus County school board voted Monday to censure a member who didn’t realize her microphone was still on as she railed against the district’s remote learning plan and used a derogatory slur during a recent public meeting.

During the Sept. 21 board meeting, Laura Blackwell is heard, while off camera, agreeing with an unidentified person on the call who said young children should not be kept in front of a computer. She used a word that has been used to demean people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

“This is the most r— thing I’ve ever seen. We have done so much detriment to these kids,” she was heard saying. She later apologized and some teachers protested this week, calling for Blackwell’s resignation.

And while the board cannot force her to resign, it did take some steps.

The vote also committed the board to participating in training about students with disabilities and if possible, to volunteering with the county’s Special Olympics program.

This is not enough.

She should still resign.

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  1. And I am upset about her calling a fellow board member a douchebag. How can you have a working relationship after that? She needs to go. And I am a Cabarrus County resident.


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