“Of Course We Should Reopen All Schools!” – Dan Forest’s Six-Point Lesson Plan

On October 8th in a meeting with others on the State Board of Education, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest called for the full reopening of all school sin North Carolina.

From today’s News & Observer:

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest tried Thursday to persuade the State Board of Education to give all North Carolina public schools the choice of fully reopening for in-person classes.

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper allowed the state’s elementary schools to fully reopen, but he’s left in place restrictions at middle schools and high schools due to COVID-19. Forest, who is a member of the state board, argued Thursday that the board and not the governor should decide on how schools reopen.

But Forest’s motion to allow all K-12 public schools to fully reopen was determined to be out of order. The state board and the state Department of Public Instruction have worked with the governor’s office on school reopening issues.

Not only was it considered out of order, it didn’t really mention any concrete plans that Forest laid out before others on the board.

Even Gov. Cooper’s spokesperson commented on the alck of a plan on the part of Forest.

But I think I might have found his actual lesson plan fashioned from the template from Duke University.

Actually, I guess Ms. Doherty is right – Forest has no real plan.