Local School Boards Should Alert All Teachers In Schools Where Positive Cases Occur

It was disturbing to read a recent column in my hometown newspaper, the Winston-Salem Journal, about a teacher who alerted the school board of her positive test that neither issued a statement to other teachers in the school or asked for any contact tracing.

She alerted them herself on her own volition.

In fact, the school board knew about this case before they voted this week on opening up schools in phases using metrics that still have not been publicized.

What follows are links to the column by Scott Sexton and the actual letter sent buy the teacher to the school board.

Whether to re-open, the when and how, are not easy decisions.

But the dithering, the lack of a unified message based on science and falling down on basic notification is a failure of leadership.

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, it would appear, is a rudderless ship careening toward a rocky landing.

School board members know what’s brewing. They were told, and voted to move ahead anyhow.

Scott Sexton

Sexton’s column.

Letter from teacher.