You Want To ReOpen Schools? Then Make These Tests Mandatory & Waive Those Others

Yes, there are many experts who say that we should reopen schools in this pandemic but many people who quote them forget that part of that is closing down restaurants and bars.

Community spread is community spread. Schools are part of the community. And it isn’t like we are doing any testing in schools to see how many symptomatic people are on campuses.

My school system sends every teacher back to the buildings tomorrow. Of course many of those teachers are apprehensive. And the push to get students back into schools here is to make sure that they take in-person mandatory standardized tests.

It is hard to count how many times a professional or collegiate game has been cancelled and/or postponed due to positive COVID-19 tests. Those student-athletes and professionals get tested for coronavirus everyday.

How many school systems do that for their students and FOR THEIR TEACHERS?

Coronaviruses research, conceptual illustration. Vials of blood in a centrifuge being tested for coronavirus infection.conceptual illustration

How come COVID-19 tests are mandatory there but not for schools?

How come federally stipulated standardized tests are still mandatory for schools, but providing coronavirus tests for teachers is not?

Funny how in January the state and local districts will have many tests ready to give. In some cases multiple times. But this outbreak already “tested” this state, one where Medicaid was not expanded, rural hospitals have been jeopardized, and many remain uninsured.

The idea that teachers could be assessing student “achievement” the very first days students arrive on campus when many of those very students and their families may not even be able to have their own health “assessed” is not that far-fetched.

And not one time have teachers been told that they can get free multiple tests for the coronavirus.

Makes one reassess how important some testing is and how unimportant some is not.