About Catherine Truitt’s Nov. 22nd Interview On Fox

Catherine Truitt is over a month away from actually being in office and as the chancellor of a private online university, she has not been a part of the decision making in reopening schools in North Carolina.

There is no doubt that she is in favor of reopening schools (as she puts it “a local decicion), but it is interesting to hear her claims.

50-70% learning loss. Most parents want kids back in school according to polls. Only listening to CDC guidelines.

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That interview took place on Nov. 22nd.

Would love to see her data on that learning loss since there is no historical precedent to measure it against.

Would love for her to reread the CDC guidelines. In fact, they may have changed yet once again.

Would love to see those “polls” and how well they reflect the socioeconomic makeup of NC.

And I would like to know why she seems so enamored with New York’s teacher union. She is in North Carolina. As far as unions go and collective bargaining is concerned she is probably the most enabled anti-union state super in the country.

Wait, she’s not just the super yet.

And our positivity rate on testing is nearing 10%. NYC closed their schools at 3%.

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  1. This is what you get when you elect a Betsy DeVos privatizing clone as your state superintendent. Any teacher who voted for her should be put on an action plan.


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