What Might Present Students Remember About This Time Later In Their Lives

Imagine being a student at this very juncture: a pandemic, a contentious election, and turbulent time of change.

What will you remember most if looking back at this time ten years from now? 15 years? 25? 40?

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I would remember that we were sent back to school buildings when the spread of the coronavirus was at its height but schools had previously been told to close buildings for so much less when the pandemic started.

I would remember the very names of teachers and educators who were personally affected by the virus.

I would remember that our vaccine distribution seemed to be completely erratic compared to other countries.

I would remember that so many people did not obey the mandates and protocols put in place for public safety and to help curb the spread.

I would remember that hospitals were beyond capacity in a country that supposedly has the greatest resources to combat illnesses.

I would remember that so many people called for schools to reopen because of our mental and social well-being but that my school never had a full-time nurse or wrap-around services for students who really needed help before the pandemic started.

I would remember how politicized everything was concerning the virus, especially reopening schools.

I would remember how my family’s emotional, physical, and financial well-being was affected by the virus.

I would remember what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

I would remember how certain people handled the pandemic.

I would not remember what I made on standardized tests and what they actually measured.