Dear NC Lawmaker, Explain How This Salary Schedule Creates An All-Time High Average Teacher Salary

This is the salary schedule that was in effect for teachers this past school year (2019-2020).


Remember that teachers who entered the profession after 2014 no longer receive graduate degree pay increases (unless they were grandfathered in by actually being in a graduate program in 2014). Those same newer teachers will not get due-process rights either.

Remember that teachers no longer receive longevity pay and that getting NBPTS certification has to be funded by the teacher; the state used to fund the process but no longer.

Just last spring lawmakers were bragging about teacher pay during the pandemic that still ravages this country and especially this state with its rising number of infections.


$54,682 is the average teacher pay in NC according to Rep. Tim Moore.

Here’s the teacher salary schedule for 2020-2021:


It would be nice if Rep. Tim Moore could explain how this salary schedule (which is the same as last year’s) can sustain an average NC teacher salary of $54,682.