It’s What Cooper Didn’t Say

No question. Gov. Cooper did not endear himself to many teachers today when he participated in a press conference aside both State Super Catherine Truitt and State Board Chair Eric Davis in appealing to all public school systems to offer in-person teaching.

Currently, 90 of the 115 physical LEA’s offer some sort of Plan B or Plan A options.

Cooper did not issue a mandate, but it did seem like a capitulation to the wishes of Berger & Co.

Yet in announcing a desire for schools to all offer in-person instruction, he said absolutely nothing about vaccinating teachers.

If the opening of school buildings is the hinge upon which the mental, economic, physical, and political well-being of much of our society swings, then would it not be important to make sure that teachers get vaccinated quickly?

Dr. Jen Mangrum said it well with this post:

Seems a little hypocritical when the very press conference Cooper where made this announcement and the state school board meetings where this was discussed were not really in-person events.