Actually Our Lt. Gov. Is Preaching Indoctrination In Schools

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is going a long way in giving the facade that he is defending our public schools from teaching a “version” of history that “indoctrinates” students with radical beliefs.

He’s even started a petition to lobby the very state school board he serves on.

If you have not met our new NC Lt. Governor, he is a staunch believer that this country does not have system racism.

From a recent Facebook post that was recently highlighted on NC Policy Watch:

“These divisive standards consistently separate Americans into groups in an effort to undermine our unity. The proposed standards indoctrinate our students against our great country and our founders.”

Many of those same founders owned slaves and those same founders intentionally ignored the issue of slavery in writing policy for the nation when it gained its independence.

But focus on the word “indoctrination” here. According to Merriam Webster online the word “indoctrinate” means:

So here is a man who is telling us what we should teach our students by intentionally pushing his point of view as to what should not be included using his politically partisan social media accounts to keep students from being indoctrinated by a radical agenda.

Sounds like indoctrination in a classic sense.

Today’s main editorial in the Winston-Salem Journal did a good job of explaining Robinson’s hypocrisy as far as indoctrination is concerned.

As for America’s missteps, we are not even a year removed from the death of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. Both Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged the disproportionate toll mass incarceration has taken on people of color, and they addressed it in the 2018 First Step Act. As for the past …

Government-sanctioned, forced sterilization of some North Carolinians lasted into the 1970s.

The Tuskegee experiments in Alabama (1932-1972) intentionally allowed Black sharecroppers with syphilis to go untreated. Conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service, the study resulted in more than 100 deaths from the disease or from complications related to it.

The Wilmington insurrection in 1898 not only was aided and abetted by government leaders and the media — it was allowed to happen by the federal government, without consequence for either the mob or the instigators.

The federal government’s redlining practices denied loans and housing opportunities for African-American borrowers and created much of today’s racial wealth gap.

These are only a few examples, all of them, arguably, examples of “systemic racism.”

3 thoughts on “Actually Our Lt. Gov. Is Preaching Indoctrination In Schools

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  2. No, sir. You are attempting to turn the tables by glorifying liberal, Democratic brainwashing of the last sixty years. The work achieved fifty years ago of removing racist policies, adopting anti-racist laws, educating the American public has been done.
    Now, all you do is to attempt to revive it to appear self righteous in the face of staged hyperbole and political drama.
    What is actually being indoctrinated into unsuspecting grade school students is socialist/communist ideals wrapped in a package of patriotic learning. Of “if the teacher says so, it must be true. No matter what mom and dad think.”
    If we were so racist, how did we elect a black Lt Governor?
    Your argument smells, sir.


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