Ask Public School Principals – Every One Of Them

Don’t take a poll of community members on an open forum about whether this state should open school buildings and leave it there.

It’s not about what we want to do.

It’s not about what we think we can do in ideal situations with plans that work perfectly in our minds.

It’s not even about all sides having the best of intentions.

It’s about what actually can be done.

If we are to open school buildings because of a bill in Raleigh or a “unified” suggestion coming from Gov. Cooper, Supt. Truitt, and the Chair of the State Board, then you must ask those who run our schools if it can be done.

So, have all the principals in this state of a public school been asked what they know can and cannot be done?

And have their voices been heard?

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Hard to imagine high schools having the ability to keep social distancing protocols in effect in reopening school buildings.