Before Anything Invest In People And #LeadWithLeandro

Mark Johnson gave us a lot of iPads and talk about “personalized learning.”

Catherine Truitt is pushing for Plan A and spending money on standardized tests to measure “learning loss.”

Here’s a list of things that really should be done before this state begins to “fully” reopen schools again.

  • Lead with Leandro.
  • Put a nurse in every public school.
  • Put at least one reading specialist per grade in each school.
  • Put a social worker in each school.
  • Make all school meals free for students.
  • Invest in more professional development.
  • Include teachers in discussions about how to improve teaching and learning.
  • Restore graduate degree pay.
  • Restore due-process rights for teachers.
  • Pass a statewide school bond for construction and renovation of school buildings.
Investing in human capital is key to success - Dare to Learn - The Festival  for Rethinking Learning